Friday, March 12, 2010


On Sunday night I turned on my television to find long flowing gowns to die for, Harry Winstons sparkling, and Jimmy Choos galore. It must be Oscar Season. When it comes to fashion, obviously the most important part of the evening, the 82nd Academy Awards saw its fair share of winners and losers. While I hated some dresses and loved others, this years Oscars brought me to the conclusion that how a celebrity wears their dress can be almost as important as the dress itself.

Dearest Miley,
I truly enjoyed your gold Jenny Packham gown. Believe me girl, I am all for a full tulle skirt. While your corset bodice could have been a little larger, your dress was still stunning. But Miles, could you have seriously looked anymore uncomfortable? I know you're growing up now, but if you can't wear a bustier bodice without fixing it constantly or tensing your shoulders, please find a more conservative top to your gown.

I love you. You are always willing to take a risk and I completely respect you for it. This dress was certainly not your best. The strange strap across the collar bone and the white and black rosettes on the yellow satin did just not work. Even though I was NOT fan of this awkward Chanel creation, I loved the fact that you took a chance. You wore your dress with an incredible confidence, like no one else could. You go SJP!

Anna Kendrick's gorgeous nude color gown, was a last minute decision after a wardrobe malfunction the day of the Oscars. Thank goodness for that malfunction. Anna looked beautiful, and most importantly that gown did not overshadow her but enhanced her natural beauty.

Charlize Theron is no doubt a beautiful woman. But Oscar night, she certainly did not look her best. This John Galliano gown looked rather cheap and apart from the adornments on the chest, it was boring. The color of the gown was not particularly flattering to Charlize either. But what in the world was with the decorations on the boobs? Did she need to remind us where they were located?

As soon as Elizabeth Banks stepped onto the Red Carpet she immediately caught my attention in this Versace creation. The ruffles on the skirt are heavenly and the bluish grey color is perfection on this stunning blonde.

Maggie Gyllenhal, I do not know what you were thinking last Sunday night. Spend some time in Hawaii recently? I hate to be the one to break the news, but the Oscars is not the time to wear this print. The bubble gum pink lipstick is not your best look either.

Rachel McAdams was the definition of beauty that night at the Oscars. She stayed true to her bohemian style, picking this unique print. The light blue was positively divine and the minimal jewelery and simple updo allowed us to focus on Rachel. Ms. McAdams stayed true to her style, wore her dress with conifdence and did not let it wear her. My favorite dress of the night.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Blue Period

I have been looking forward to seeing Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, for a little over six months now. While the film did not quite live up to its intense hype, it was still a perfectly enjoyable hour and forty-nine minutes. The story line did not follow either of Lewis Carroll's novels, Alice in Wonderland or Alice Through the Looking Glass, but told a completely new tale. In the movie, the White Queen and the Queen of Hearts are in fact sisters, and in a Narnia-like fashion, Alice has come back to Wonderland to stop the Queen of Hearts from going off with every one's head. But this movie is much much more than just a plot. Like so many of my favorite movies, such as Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette or Breakfast at Tiffany's, Alice in Wonderland was a great movie, simply because it was beautiful. The setting of the movie stunned me. Immaculate topiary bushes, candy-colored flowers, and sparkles dancing in the air, it was my ultimate fantasy world. I wanted to fall down a rabbit's hole and land in wonderland. The greatest feat in this movie however was by far the costume design of Coleen Atwood. The White Queen's dress was stunning, an elegant period piece. The gown was solid white with hints of silver and sparkles. The Queen of Hearts dress was expected, but still marvelous, made with rich fabrics and whimsical accents. Alice's dresses, by far were the most stunning and added the muchness to her character. Her several blue dresses were all absolutely incredible. I wanted to leave the movie theater and immediately fill my closet with blue. My favorite of her dresses was the third blue one, whipped up by the Mad Hatter. Strapless with a large blue flower at the shoulder, and its own matching espadrilles, I wanted to take that dress home with me. I also loved Alice's short-sleeved, organza engagement party gown. Her white and black button-up boots, and flowing blonde waves completed the look.

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